And then “BAM!”

:::Ya know when you have one of those days where all you want to do is stay at home in your nice, warm, comfy bed all day…

:::Ya know when you have one of those days where your clothes are just not fitting where they should be and they are where they shouldn’t be

:::Ya know when you have one of those days where your head hurts so much you think it’s going to explode off the top of your body…

:::Ya know when you have one of those days where, quite simply, you just feel “blahhie” {yes, I made that up}…

Well, that’s how my week has been going.

I know I’ve probably wished for life to just slow down a bit, but maybe not this slow. This week has felt like the loooooooongest week of my life. Not kidding.

It’s not like I’ve had one of those days or weeks where bad thing after bad thing happens {thankfully}. It’s just that every day, I end up feeling bored, unmotivated and plain ol’ lazy. It’s just a feeling. A sort of rut. An unbalance of sorts. Just not myself.

And then as Mr. Weekend starts to shine his pretty little face around the corner…”BAM!” {yes, the Emeril kind of “BAM!”} What am I doing? Why am I acting like this? Whatever the answer, I need to get over it. Fast. I realized that I need to get myself out of this funk – I need to do this for me.

I have to be the one to change my attitude, change my mindset, change my habits. I don’t know if I was waiting around for someone else to do it for me, but that’s clearly not how things work. So I’m going to refocus, recharge, and react positively.

Be happy.

Be healthy.

Be thankful.

Be the best version of you.

{And if I was short, unhappy, unfriendly or “blahhie” to anyone this week, I sincerely apologize. Thanks for understanding 🙂 }


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