I’ll have the Hot Naked…please

This past weekend I made my first ever trip to the lovely city of Omaha, Nebraska. Two of my girlfriends and I made the 6.5 hour drive to visit one of our dearest friends who moved there in August. So, needless to say, we were all very excited to get there!

Friday night consisted of hours and hours of catching up! Who knew that we had that much to catch up on!?! We ended up going to bed well after 2:00am and, to be honest, I don’t know the last time I stayed up that late. Guess, I’m becoming a grown up…scary.

Saturday was Steph’s day to show us around her town. First, we went to a new outdoor mall and stopped at the store “Charming Charlie“. I had been to the store in Minneapolis, but this one was even bigger. This store is an accessories-lover’s dream! It had bags, shoes, earrings, headbands, and more! You name it and they probably had it. It’s kind of overwhelming when you first enter the store because there is just so much to look at, but it’s organized by color so it’s really nice if you’re looking for something specific.

Next, we went to downtown Omaha for lunch. We ate at “Spaghetti Works” – which was awesome! They have a make your own pasta option which seemed perfect until I had to tell the waiter, “I’ll have the Hot Naked with bow tie noodles and chicken, please…” Now for him, I’m sure he’s used to hearing that. But me, I could feel my cheeks getting a little rosy and my sweater began feeling just a tish too warm. I quickly got over my embarrassment after I got my meal and it was delicious! The Hot Naked is “an orgy of delight with sweet basil, olive oil, butter and garlic.”  It actually turned out to be my most favorite meal of the entire trip.

Steph, Mollie, Me, and Amanda @ Spaghetti Works

We did more looking than shopping while we were downtown, but it was fun to see the historic charm of the city.

Who doesn't love a horse and carriage ride?!

Steph recently go engaged {so happy for her and Aaron!} so she wanted to go try on some wedding dresses while we were visiting. I won’t show any pictures from that, but trust me when I say that she looked amazing in every dress!

We stayed at the bridal shop until close and then decided that we weren’t quite shopped out yet. We headed to another outdoor mall that had a ton of stores that Fargo doesn’t have, so that is always fun.

The mall was decorated with these huge red Christmas ornaments that we just couldn't resist taking a photo by.

We stopped at one of my favorite new stores “ZGallerie“. It’s a home decor store that had such affordable prices and yet was so high on style. Every time I turned or looked in a different direction I just couldn’t help but say “Ohhhhh I love that!” or “Ohhhhh I want that!”.

So much inspiration going on everywhere!

Loved the use of curtains as additional decoration to the headboard. And way easier than painting or wallpapering! {I spy a little photographer.}

Everyone needs some inspiration from time to time.

So we shopped till we dropped and ended our night with dinner at a restaurant called “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. It was a tropical, Jimmy Buffett type place with palm trees, grass skirts, the whole works.

A pre-dinner photo-op

Such fun, colorful drinks! Can you spot the "cheeseburger"?

My strawberry wears sunglasses at night.

The rest of our night consisted of eating more yummy snacks, chatting, and playing games. Pretty low-key, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything!  A huge THANK YOU to Steph for hosting us and showing us around all weekend! Great friends, great food, great city – what more could a girl ask for?!


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