5 Random Things

1.  I am loving this holiday-ish nail polish. Might have to pick some up before Christmas.


2. Speaking of Christmas, I have 23 Days until we leave for Hawaii! Jake and I are spending 9 days with my parents and 2 sisters in Honolulu. Merry Christmas to us!


3. A quick birthday shout out to my dear friend, Mollie! Mollie and I have been friends since the 6th grade. We had the type of friendship where we didn’t just write notes to each other every day, we had an entire notebook that got passed between us multiple times a day. And almost 15 years later, she’s still one of my best friends. So here’s to you, “Purple”, Happy Birthday! Love, “Orange”

4. I got a pair of new boots last week from Kohl’s that I think I’ve worn every day since. They have a fabulous red zipper up the back and are so comfy. Love them!


5. And last but, certainly, not least…{Drum roll please….}

That’s right. We’re having a BABY! After we told our extended families {our parents and sisters/brother knew right away}, this was the announcement that I posted to my Facebook. Here’s what Jake’s looked like:

We are so excited, feel so blessed, and really just happy about starting this new chapter in our lives. It can feel a little bit overwhelming and scary at times, but I figure that’s probably pretty normal. The excitement and anticipation quickly overcomes any doubt. We couldn’t be happier!

One last thing, I apologize for not posting anything recently. Between the Holidays and our big news, I haven’t had/made time for anything else. Anyways, hope everyone has a great week!


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