Donut Friday

Every Friday like clock work, my coworker brings in donuts.

Now, most people would love this, but I don’t necessarily get as excited. You see, I’m not a big donut fan {my waist will thank me one day}. I don’t like frosting. I don’t like the weird fillings. Donuts are just way too sweet for me.

So, I would always politely decline any offer to have first choice until one day an individual white bag showed up on my desk. To my surprise, inside was the holy grail of all donuts in my eyes. A plain donut. So simple, so tasty, so perfect.

Ever since then, I know to expect a plain donut in a white bag on my desk every Friday. Today was no different. I put the bag aside, trying to be healthy and eat my yogurt and banana, but I didn’t want to offend anyone by not eating the donut…

So a few minutes later, I decided to take a little peek inside. This is what I found:

One for me. One for baby.

And yes, I ate them both.  Happy Friday everyone!


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