The perfect medicine

Yesterday was one of those days where I had a headache for pretty much the entire day. Nothing new for me. I’m a frequent headache sufferer and tylenol just isn’t cutting it these days (thank you, pregnancy).

I woke up with one. Went to lunch with one. Hoping that it would go away after I had a good meal, but sadly, still no relief in sight. Left work thinking that it would finally go away since I was away from my computer (staring at the screen all day definitely does not help) and yet, still no change.

I opted out of going to confirmation class because the idea of teaching anything to anyone, let alone a group of 9th graders did not sound appealing. Feeling a little guilty that Jake had just left to teach class all by his lonesome, my day suddenly turned around when…

I felt Baby kick for the first time!!!

I’ve sat here for far too long trying to think of the *perfect* words to describe it and…it’s just one of those feelings that is truly indescribable!


And for those precious moments, the perfect medicine had just {literally} kicked in and my headache disappeared.


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