3 Month Update & A Happy Birthday

Kolsen turned a whopping 3 months old last week. I know I’m a little behind – this getting back to work thing is throwing me off! Since Kolsen’s 2 month check-up was only a couple weeks before his official 3 months, I’ll update you on those stats. 

11 Weeks: 15.3 lbs (89th percentile)26 inches (100th percentile)

  • Sleep Habits: Starting to have an earlier bedtime. Previously, he was going to bed  between 9-9:30pm. Now it is about 8:15ish. We still try to stick to the routine of a bath and bottle before bedtime.  He still gets up once during the night, usually at about 4:00am, eats at that time, and goes right back to sleep until we wake him up at about 7:15am.  He takes about 2 naps during the day at daycare. Sometimes less – I think there is just so much action going on at daycare that he doesn’t want to miss out on anything.
  • Eating Habits: He is still a good eater. He is now out of those smaller meals all day long. During the day, he is having about 5-6 bottles that are 4-5 ounces each.
  • Loves: Sucking on his fingers, drooling (no teeth yet though), “talking” all of the time, looking around the room when doing tummy time – he gets a huge smile on his face and is so proud, he is starting to notice his hands more so toys are becoming more fun for him to hold and look at too, bath time – he’s starting to splash and play, loves looking at Henry, and loves to be held while we walk around so he can see what’s going on – getting good at holding his head on his own!
  • Hates: Still gets pretty upset if his bottle is taking too long to warm up and doesn’t like to sit still while I try to read to him.

And today is my hubby’s birthday, so a giant “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to you, my dear! I remember when you turned 18 and I thought you were “so old” then…look at ya now 😉


One thought on “3 Month Update & A Happy Birthday

  1. Wow only waking once at night!? That’s great! I’m jealous! We r almost to one year and he hasn’t slept thru the night more than two nights in a row.

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