Pop it like it’s hot

I always tend to stress out a little when it comes to bringing an appetizer to a family/friend gathering. I told you about our friend’s Super Bowl Party, and knew that I wanted to bring something new. I feel like I kind of get stuck in a rut of bringing the same ol’ thing every time. So I found this recipe on Pinterest on how to make easy jalapeno poppers. I thought “what the heck? It only has a few ingredients…I can totally do that!”

I added a few changes to my recipe, but here’s what you’ll need:

– 2 -3 Fresh Jalapenos (depends on how spicy you like it)

– 2 Cans of Pillsbury Crescent Original dough (this will make 32 poppers)

– About 6 oz of cream cheese

– 8 Strips of Bacon

– Shredded Cheese

– Oven pre-heated to 350 degrees

Now, let’s get started:

First, chop up the jalapenos into little pieces.

Next, chop up the uncooked bacon. Then, cooked it on a stove top skillet. I didn’t need to grease the pan or anything as the bacon is pretty greasy to begin with {remember to drain the grease before putting it in the popper!}.

Roll out the 2 cans of the dough onto a pan (I used 2 pans – 16 poppers on each). Then use a pizza cutter and cut each triangle in half. This makes them more bite sized {and will make more poppers}. Be sure not to roll your dough out too early as it will start to dry up and is harder to mold later on.

Start layering! I wish I would have added more cream cheese, so do a little more than a spoonful per triangle. Then add 3-4 pieces of jalapeno and cooked bacon to each triangle.

Fold the triangles up. Bring the corners of the dough together and press them so that the insides don’t have a place to ooze out. When all of them are folded up, pop them in the oven for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, take the pan out and sprinkle the shredded cheese on top and then pop them back in the oven for an additional 3-5 minutes or until lightly golden brown.

Ta-daaa…Jalapeno Poppers! These were super easy to do and ended up being a huge hit! I was quite proud of myself, I must say!


DIY: Coffee Filter Lampe Shade

Over the weekend I was able to release some of my pent-up creative energy! And I gotta tell ya, it felt good! You may recall last week when I confessed to my newest obsession, check it out here.

Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t get as many crafty things done as I probably would have liked. {cleaning my house and rearranging my bedroom took a little more time than I had anticipated. But boy, that also felt good to get off my checklist!}

So anywho, my first DIY project of the weekend was a Coffee Filter Lamp Shade. I first saw this done here and loved it. I did a slightly different variation after doing some research and found one that I liked better, here. So I thought to myself, “Hey, I can do that!”

Here’s what my final product looks like:

And here’s what you’ll need:

– Coffee Filters {I went to the dollar store and picked up 160 filters for $1/each. I used just under 2 packages, but the larger your lamp shade, the more filters you will need. }

– Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

– Marker/Sharpie {something that has a wide base, I’ll explain why later}

– Lamp {I picked mine up at a local thrift store for $7.50 and, bonus, it even works still!}

– Estimated Time: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

This was the before.While it’s a nice lamp, it reminded me of a lamp that would be in a nursery. There’s just something about it that I’m not feeling.

I loved that this was a budget friendly project!

Now let’s get started:

Place the end of a sharpie (or marker/highlighter) in the center of one coffee filter. Wrap the filter around the sharpie as seen in the photo.

Here’s another view of the filter around the sharpie:

Use the glue gun to put a dab of glue onto the end of the filter. Press the glued part of the filter onto the lamp shade. I started in the middle, but it doesn’t matter where you start your first one.

P.S. The reason for using the sharpie is so that you don’t burn yourself when pressing the filter onto the lamp shade. The sharpie gives the filter just enough pressure so that the filter sticks to the lamp shade and yet, the filter doesn’t stick to the sharpie. Plus, the chances of you burning yourself are WAY less! {This was a finger-saver!}

This is how mine looked after a few filters were glued on. Slightly crazy, I know, but trust me, stick with it and it will get better! The closer/tighter you get the filters next to each other the better. Keep gluing the filters on until the lamp shade is completely covered.

Here’s a close up. You can see how the tighter it is, the fuller it will look. You can also see some of the unevenness in the filter heights. Oh well though, the overall look that I was going for was accomplished!

And, Ta-Da, the after again!  I really happy how it turned out! I don’t love the accessories on the dresser, but it’s a work in progress and for now it’s just fine in my book!

Hope you enjoyed!

And remember, you don’t have to be the best crafter in the world, just have fun with it and enjoy what you’re doing!


I have a confession to make.

Now, don’t worry, this isn’t anything that’s earth-shattering but I just feel like I need to get it out.

Here it goes…

:::I’m a Craft Addict:::

Now, I don’t need any sort of intervention, not yet anyways, but my next step might just be C.A.A. {craft addicts anonymous}.

I’ve heard people say before that they get “baby brain,” {and while I’ll hold off on that for a little while} I can only equate my desire to craft to that.  All I’ve been thinking about lately is how much I would rather be making, cutting, painting, spraying anything other than my actual job {which btw I’m very blessed and happy to have}.

I’ll admit it, I’m not the most crafty person out there.

I’m not the best sewer.

I’m not the best painter {actually, I’m really bad at it}.

I can hardly cut in a straight line.

But I do love the creative freedom to make new things. Brand new things. New things from old things. The possibilities seem endless and now much all of my free time is consumed with pinterest and shopping at thrift and craft stores. {p.s. How wonderfully amazing is that site?!}

So, this weekend seems like the perfect time to dedicate my entire weekend to crafting. Jake is going to be out of town all weekend {it’s pheasant opener, here in North Dakota} which is just the excuse I need. I just want/need/have to get this out of my system, but let’s be honest, I’ll probably just find more to do.

And this is will be my C.P.I.C. {crafting partner in crime} for the weekend; also guard dog and keeping me company. This is my other love, Henry. My heart just melts when I look at him.

Stay tuned as I’ll {hopefully} have lots of posts coming up about my craft-aholic weekend!

Happy {Crafting} Friday!