Going to the cha-a-a-pel

…she’s gonna get ma-a-a-rried!

This past weekend was a weekend that I had been looking forward to for quite awhile. It was one of my best friend’s bridal showers and bachelorette parties. I was really looking forward to celebrating her upcoming nuptials to her amazing fiance, lots of girl time, lots of talking, and lots of eating. I love any excuse to design invitations and party plan, so here’s a little recap of the weekend.

Amanda did an amazing job with everything! Complete with colorful fruit kabobs, wedding bell and cake sandwiches, and a bloody mary bar!

All of the girls!

Mollie with her bridesmaids, minus Catie who lives in Arizona. She was missed!

Doc, Dopey, and Bashful 🙂
In the 6th grade, instead of passing notes between each other, we had an entire notebook. We had code names so that if it every was placed in the wrong hands, they wouldn't know it was us.

The Mother of the Bride and the Bride-to-Be

Here's a view of the banner that I made for Mollie - "From Miss To Mrs"

We played a new game called "Who Said It". Before the party, we asked Mollie and Matt the same set of questions. At the party, we read only one of the answers and everyone had to flip their sign to who they thought said it. It actually turned out to be a pretty fun game and we learned even more about the couple.

The lovely bride-to-be with the honeymoon package some of us got her 🙂

All in all, I would say it was the perfect day for Mollie! The weather was beautiful, we had great company, and came away with great memories – what more could we ask for! It makes me even more excited for their big day!